Cats and Bombs

A simple but addictive arcade action game with a one touch game mechanic.

5 stars on Android Market

Cats and BombsAndroid Market5

Simple but addictive cartoon arcade action game with a one touch game mechanic..

Take control and guide our flying hero through a sky filled with bombs, cats and enemy planes

Catching Cats Avoiding Bombs

Catch the cats before they are used as target practice and avoid the enemy bombs and planes.
You have three lives to collect as many cats as you can to score big and upload your scores to the online leaderboards.


✔ High quality 3D and 2D visuals
✔ Superb Audio and SFX
✔ Addictive “try again” gameplay
✔ Online leader boards
✔ Zeemote Support
✔ Xperia Play Support


Babsy Babsy – Love This Game. Love Cats. Brilliant. X

Barbara Ann

Love it – Gorgeous graphics and simple but fun game play, perfect for commuting!



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