We Are Atomicom.

Finally, we have arrived in the Blogosphere. Or something like that. “We” being Atomicom. – a Liverpool-based developer currently working on unannounced PC, PS4, Xbox One and who knows, maybe even VR projects. We’d love to tell you more about those, but it’s too soon to break the news. Until we can spill the beans though, we can talk about the past, present and future of videogames development as well as share our thoughts and insights on various games-related topics. We’ll also give you a unique view into what goes on inside a videogames development studio and what makes this, without a doubt, the coolest career anyone could think of getting into.

Whether you’re an aspiring coder, artist, animator, designer, producer, QA, PR or biz dev type (or maybe you already are and are taking five minutes out from your relentless schedule to trawl the web) you’ll find something of interest as we post more of these blogs over the coming weeks and months. All the guys and gals here will be contributing information, tips and advice across all the development disciplines, so as well as gaming gossip you may also get to learn a trick or two. We have a great blend of veteran industry people combined with some up and coming talent so God only knows what stories and opinions may make it past the lawyers.

You can expect talk of vintage games and machines of yesteryear (yes, games did exist before the PS1) as well as thoughts and opinions on anything we see at the various games events we go to. Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter as well as we’d love to read your thoughts on stories and any feedback regarding what you see or read anywhere.

So thanks for reading our first post and don’t forget to come back soon and catch up with what’s been going on at Atomicom.

One thought on “We Are Atomicom.

  1. Just started switch Galaxy ultra – the writing in the intro comic is absolutely first class, amazing – like something from 2000 AD! Gonna get stuck into the actual game now

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