Introducing David Jones concept artist Atomicom.

Introducing David Jones concept artist Atomicom.,

David Jones has a first class degree in Entertainment Media Design from the University of Huddersfield. He was attracted to the games industry due to his love of things creative. He see the creative industry as the forefront of creative technology and what also appealed to him was the multitude of disciplines in one place. His hobbies outside of work is Motorcycles and Motorcycle building, Rugby Union and Art. What I generally dislike is negative people.

With 6 years of experience under his belt, he has worked for the following studios; Studio Liverpool, Firesprite Games, Atomicom. His current career aspiration is to one day be a lead artist on a project, overlooking all the creative side of a game.

Advice for upcoming game developers…
‘work hard – It’s that simple. Study the area of games you want to work in and research what it takes to get there. Never feel deflated if you get the knock back or negative criticism about your work, you are never a complete artist. We ALL want to get better.’

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