Fact Sheet

Name : House Of Golf

Developer : Atomicom ( Liverpool, United Kingdom )

Release Date : 8th November

Price : €9.99, $9.99, £8.99

Platforms : Nintendo Switch

Engine : Unreal

Game Summary

House Of Golf will launch for Nintendo Switch globally on 8th November 2019.

Featuring 1-6 player couch play, House Of Golf is an arcade style golf game with super fun pick up and play game mechanics, a sure fire hit for all the family over the holiday season and Christmas.

House Of Golf is an arcade style sports game with full 3D graphics, physics and easy pick-up and-play game mechanics that all the family will enjoy. Players will face fun and challenging holes across a variety of home based locations. As they progress through the game, holes become more devious and challenging.


  • Easy to play game mechanics
  • Peal Physics at 60FPS
  • 135 Levels set across 5 location
  • 1-6 Player Couch Play
  • Large selection of unlockables

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About Atomicom

Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the team behind JCB Pioneer: Mars are veterans of the games industry. Since being founded by ex-Psygnosis staff, the studio has successfully mixed creating its own IP and collaborating with third parties; producing over 15 titles across Console, PC & Mobile for renowned Publishers such as SEGA, SONY & Ubisoft. The company features a highly experienced development team with members that have worked on some of the world’s biggest games including Skate, WipEout and Need For Speed.

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